30 Minutes in the Life | February

Snow Day

"A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship." - Markus Zusak

Sun, snow and her BFF equals wonderful childhood memories made.

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30 Minutes in the Life | January

The Last Hurrah

Happy 2017 everyone! Welcome to another round of 30 Minutes in the Life,  where a beautiful group of artists and I from across the globe share a peek into 30 minutes of our lives.  My family and I escaped a cold New England to celebrate Christmas and New Year in sunny Florida. It was a much needed break for all us and we made the most of our time together before work and school routines started up again.  These images were captured on New Years Day. It was the last hurrah for my daughter before we headed back up north.  

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30 Minutes in the Life | October

My Wild, Wild Child

"You were born to dance to the beat of your own heart; to roam without cages; with the innocence of a child, and the free spirit of untamed horses; I hope you laugh without stopping, live with abandon and love like that's all there is; stay wild, my wild, wild child." - Kenny Chesney

Love and thanks to my beautiful wild child who inspired me to wake up after experiencing a bit of a creative rut.  Watching her play in the garden on this Autumn day got my juices flowing again and how much fun it was running alongside her, lost in her world.

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30 Minutes in the Life | August

B is for Block

Last summer my husband and I took a walk at a local marina and ended up falling in love with a boat for sale.  Next thing we knew, we were the proud new owners of Britannia. We couldn't get over the fact that she was named Britannia, as my husband hails from the Mother Country.  Fast forward to this summer and we have been exploring various areas along the Long Island Sound and more.  

Earlier this month, we planned, we cruised and survived our first long trip aboard Britannia! The good news is that we are all still speaking to each other.  5 days and 4 nights were spent on the gorgeous Block Island. This little gem of a place in located in the Atlantic Ocean between Montauk, New York and the southern part of Rhode Island.  Block is a part of Rhode Island, however, I'm told from locals that they consider themselves their own "country".  It is small, quaint and full of character.  It is the type of place where one goes to unplug from the hustle and bustle of city life and slow down for awhile. Where one plays old fashioned board games, swim in clear, blue-green water, sip on sinfully delicious Mudslides and take in the beautiful sunsets each evening.  Boogie boarding, cycling and hiking are all good fun on Block too.

The 30 minutes I captured here was taken soon after we arrived.  We couldn't wait to test out the waters with the paddle board and boogie boards.  It was the start to a very memorable adventure that we will never forget.

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30 Minutes in the Life | July

Ahoy Matey!

We tested out the waters to see how an overnight trip to Huntington, Long Island would go on our boat. Crossed the Long Island Sound, played games, swam, paddle boarded, zoomed in the dinghy (she's called the Black Pearl), feasted on yummy food and over indulged in an ice cream or two. We "survived" two days and one night together and it was mad, crazy fun!  My favorite things were family time together and waking up in the early morning and breathing in the fresh salty air. Hope you enjoyed highlights from several 30 minute blocks of time from our trip!

Next month, we plan on getting even more crazy with a 5 day, 4 night adventure to Block Island. Stay tuned.....

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30 Minutes in the Life | May

A Walk in the Big Apple

Earlier this month, I ventured out of my rural Connecticut life and headed into the Big Apple for some much needed city fun.  The city gives me a buzz every time and on this day in particular the buzz was huge!

I finally got to meet a fellow photographer - the beautiful and talented, Colleen Putman of Colleen Putman Photography.  We have known each other for quite a long time via social media - we have participated in a few private online photography groups and also in Journey to Artist , 30 Minutes in the Life blog circle.  

Colleen introduced me to the world of street photography.  After some shyness on my part, I began to see how much one can explore on the street and experimented with different ways of shooting (like from the hip) to exploring various perspectives and connections that we saw on the street.  This is an area I have never taken the time to explore before and I must say, I am hooked! I'm already looking forward to our next meet up later this summer.  

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30 Minutes in the Life | April

Aloha Hula Girl

We escaped to "Hawaii" in the garden while waiting for her brother to come home from school. She loves to dress up and was so excited when mummy and daddy returned from a trip to Hawaii and surprised her with a hula costume.  It was magical for me to watch her on this sunny day, lost in her imagination.  

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30 Minutes in the Life | March

You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile

Last month, I was thrilled to join Journey to Artists blog circle - 30 Minutes in the Life. Each month, we share a peek into 30 minutes of our lives.  It's exciting to see so many captures from a wonderful group of ladies from around the globe. I can't thank Journey to Artistenough for giving me an opportunity to join this blog circle and am looking forward to continuing this journey with all of them.

My 30 minutes was taken during a routine dental cleaning visit. Our dentist is wonderful and his office and staff are warm, friendly and fun. Especially for children, they make the visit a comforting one. We did lots of reading and photographing in the waiting room. My daughter even took over the camera for a bit to capture me looking through a book on Peru.  She had a vision and told me exactly what she wanted me to do! My kids love to chat to the staff and are always fascinated by all the equipment around them. Looking at x-rays is always a big hit too! Despite one cavity, we all left with a smile on our face.

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30 Minutes in the Life | February

A Walk with Daddy & the Old Banyan Tree

Earlier this month, I was very excited to become a part of the 30 Minutes in the Life blog circle. This blog circle is made up of an amazing group of photographers from around the world who document 30 minutes of their lives each month.  I have followed this group since it began and always enjoy seeing the various perspectives they capture in their day to day lives.  I am so thrilled to be joining them on this journey. 

For my debut post, I have chosen to share a 30 minute walk I went on with my husband and daughter.  We escaped our New England winter to soak up the sun's rays in Florida and to simply enjoy family time together before returning to busy routines.  I decided to step back more and watch my husband and daughter walk along a pier and soon afterwards, we stopped by this amazing old banyan tree in the middle of downtown Fort Myers. I absolutely dig banyan trees now and can't wait to return to Florida to explore more of them.  My daughter, in her one-of-a-kind attire, had so much fun getting to know this old tree.  It has to be said, that she loves theater, so those poses were all her!  She is our little firecracker that always keeps us on our toes and forever amused. 

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