30 Minutes in the Life | February

A Walk with Daddy & the Old Banyan Tree

Earlier this month, I was very excited to become a part of the 30 Minutes in the Life blog circle. This blog circle is made up of an amazing group of photographers from around the world who document 30 minutes of their lives each month.  I have followed this group since it began and always enjoy seeing the various perspectives they capture in their day to day lives.  I am so thrilled to be joining them on this journey. 

For my debut post, I have chosen to share a 30 minute walk I went on with my husband and daughter.  We escaped our New England winter to soak up the sun's rays in Florida and to simply enjoy family time together before returning to busy routines.  I decided to step back more and watch my husband and daughter walk along a pier and soon afterwards, we stopped by this amazing old banyan tree in the middle of downtown Fort Myers. I absolutely dig banyan trees now and can't wait to return to Florida to explore more of them.  My daughter, in her one-of-a-kind attire, had so much fun getting to know this old tree.  It has to be said, that she loves theater, so those poses were all her!  She is our little firecracker that always keeps us on our toes and forever amused. 

After exploring the pier and old banyan tree, be sure to follow along the blog circle, starting in Maryland with Stacey Markel Photography. Please CLICK HERE to check out her 30 minutes.