30 Minutes in the Life | March

You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile

Last month, I was thrilled to join Journey to Artists blog circle - 30 Minutes in the Life. Each month, we share a peek into 30 minutes of our lives.  It's exciting to see so many captures from a wonderful group of ladies from around the globe. I can't thank Journey to Artistenough for giving me an opportunity to join this blog circle and am looking forward to continuing this journey with all of them.

My 30 minutes was taken during a routine dental cleaning visit. Our dentist is wonderful and his office and staff are warm, friendly and fun. Especially for children, they make the visit a comforting one. We did lots of reading and photographing in the waiting room. My daughter even took over the camera for a bit to capture me looking through a book on Peru.  She had a vision and told me exactly what she wanted me to do! My kids love to chat to the staff and are always fascinated by all the equipment around them. Looking at x-rays is always a big hit too! Despite one cavity, we all left with a smile on our face.

Please be sure to follow along the blog circle, starting with the gorgeous work of Jasmine Keath in Australia.  CLICK HERE to have a peek at her 30 minutes.