30 Minutes in the Life | August

B is for Block

Last summer my husband and I took a walk at a local marina and ended up falling in love with a boat for sale.  Next thing we knew, we were the proud new owners of Britannia. We couldn't get over the fact that she was named Britannia, as my husband hails from the Mother Country.  Fast forward to this summer and we have been exploring various areas along the Long Island Sound and more.  

Earlier this month, we planned, we cruised and survived our first long trip aboard Britannia! The good news is that we are all still speaking to each other.  5 days and 4 nights were spent on the gorgeous Block Island. This little gem of a place in located in the Atlantic Ocean between Montauk, New York and the southern part of Rhode Island.  Block is a part of Rhode Island, however, I'm told from locals that they consider themselves their own "country".  It is small, quaint and full of character.  It is the type of place where one goes to unplug from the hustle and bustle of city life and slow down for awhile. Where one plays old fashioned board games, swim in clear, blue-green water, sip on sinfully delicious Mudslides and take in the beautiful sunsets each evening.  Boogie boarding, cycling and hiking are all good fun on Block too.

The 30 minutes I captured here was taken soon after we arrived.  We couldn't wait to test out the waters with the paddle board and boogie boards.  It was the start to a very memorable adventure that we will never forget.

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