30 Minutes in the Life | August

It Took a Flood

It took several days of torrential downpours, street flooding and an energetic young girl to wake me up from a very long, drawn out creative funk. A funk that annoyingly dragged on for months. Of course, I shouldn't be so hard on myself as we recently relocated and have been busy getting settled into a new place. And, well, sometimes one has to disconnect to reconnect again.

The rains have continued for days and we have been mostly housebound - streets are flooded, schools cancelled, a few businesses have closed and well..... it's really not sensible to venture out too far unless one has a kayak on hand.

Enter, my little one!  My energetic, loving, full of life girl lit the spark that woke me up from that creative funk. She wanted to play and I felt a desire to create - so that's just what we did together. We played then explored our new home to seek out any natural light we could find......funny we had to seek light out, considering this is southwest Florida!

We found a spot by a small window on the side of our house.  The light falling through was calm and soft.  We set up camp with toys, games, her beloved doggie and my camera.  In the end, I was thankful for time spent with my daughter and her help in pushing me through that funk to create again.

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