30 Minutes in the Life | September

Once Upon a Window

Well, our relocation to Florida this year has certainly been a memorable one! Her name was Irma and she was a very unpredictable and cranky hurricane that bore down on areas in the Caribbean, Florida and beyond. Thankfully, my family and friends were all safe and we personally did not have much damage to our home. For this we are very grateful and our thoughts go out to all those who were not so fortunate.

I made the decision a few days before Irma reached Florida to head north to stay with friends near Atlanta, Georgia.  Staying in their home was very comforting indeed and keeping busy definitely helped to take away any worries about Irma.  They were brief moments of time to forget, yet helpful. 

One such moment, was when my daughter and I each played photographer at the front door window. It was a lovely glass and wood framed door, that reflected the trees, grass and flowers outside - reminded me of a stained glass window effect.

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