30 Minutes in the Life | January 2018

Little Vampire

Here she is, my little vampire. On her days off from school she loves to create and play dress up. This particular weekend, she dug out her boldest makeup, her vampire dress and eventually made her way to the garage to find the Halloween decorations. I love to watch her create and bring her imagination to life. Even though I know we will have a big clear up later in the day, I remind myself of the importance of her having a magical childhood in this crazy, busy world of ours.  

Sometimes she doesn't mind if I grab my camera to photograph her and when those opportunities arise, I definitely grab them. She did have two requests - first, applying vampire makeup to my face and second, she would be the ideas girl.  Happily agreed - although, my one request was that occasionally I just may gently say, "please just go near the light".  You see, I'm working on understanding, feeling and seeing the light for my photography -- all sorts of light and I'm still getting acquainted with it in our new home.

This month's 30 Minutes in the Life was one of my most memorable ones ever. It was a Saturday full of love, fun and laughter.  

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